HPC Users

Connecting to VPAC

Please note that this page is under development and will get more information as that information becomes available.

Generally, users logon to VPAC using ssh. Client tools suited for this include Putty (on windows), openssh (linux). You will find some more details here.

Below are some notes we have gathered to help people at different institutes connect. Note that while VPAC has no control over the firewalls mentioned below, we are very interested in hearing about any problems you experience. Please note that this information is probably incomplete and quite possibly inaccurate. Please advise us of any updates or suggestions.


Generally RMIT users can ssh to VPAC however, as of mid 2008 RMIT has blocked ssh access from its wireless network. It appears this is a final decision, RMIT needs to do so for security reasons. This means that people wanting to ssh to VPAC (or anywhere else outside of RMIT) cannot use a wireless connection.


All of Deakin is surrounded by a firewall that prevents ssh access unless you go via the SOCKS Client provided to Deakin users from this page. This may also mean that Deakin users cannot run an XSession from VPAC for example.


As far as we are aware, Melbourne University does not restrict the use of ssh.

La Trobe

As far as we are aware, La Trobe University does not restrict the use of ssh.


Swinburne blocks external SSH access by default.

To gain access you should contact the Swinburne ITS Servicedesk (servicedesk@swin.edu.au or phone x5000) asking for direct access to the VPAC supercomputers from your PC. This will need to be done for each PC you will want to use, IT Security will assign a static IP address that will be allowed through the firewall. VPAC recommends this approach.

Alternatively you can apply for accounts on 'green' or 'stan' and then ssh out from there.

Victoria University

As far as we are aware, Victoria University does not restrict the use of ssh.