The VPAC Board meets on a quarterly basis to set strategy and review the company's operations in accordance with the company's Constitution with the objective to:

  • Improve the effectiveness and competitiveness of Victorian universities, research institutes and industry through provision, support, and effective utilization of advanced computing facilities and technologies as a member of APAC;
  • Develop a State high performance computing facility to model, analyse, and solve complex problems in disciplines (including science and engineering) that are beyond the scope of any existing facility in the State or in Australia;
  • Provide a base of committed members that can be used to support the various initiatives and coordinated programs embraced by the Company in areas such as education, training and industry diffusion;
  • Generate additional funding to supplement what might be provided from Commonwealth Government sources.

The VPAC Board has in place an Audit & Risk Management Committee whose charter is to advise the Board of Directors on discharging responsibilities in relation to financial reporting, internal accounting controls, risk management, audit activities, regulatory and internal control compliance, and any other matters referred to it by the Board including corporate and business plan and financial reviews.