VPAC Supercomputers

VPAC Supercomputer Facilities

VPAC reports the total counted usage for VPAC Member machines.

High Performance Computing (HPC) uses parallel supercomputers, clusters and grid networks which provide exceptional levels of processing speed and power compared to desktop and monolithic mainframe systems. Any task which can be most effectively resolved by segmenting the problem into a number of parallel tasks can be efficiently carried out by a VPAC supercomputer.

More likely that you will gain a cost-effective competitive advantage by using VPAC's expertise and computing power. HPC systems at VPAC are highly optimised by our expert staff to ensure maximum performance. VPAC support staff will also provide assistance in using your specialist programs, reducing research and product development time.

At present there are hundreds of researchers from Victorian Universities and Research Organisations making use of the VPAC facilities for highly calculation-intensive tasks. This is particularly the case in Mathematics, Engineering, Geophysics, Health and Life Sciences, Spatial Information and Grid Computing.