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Tango is a large AMD Opteron system and is VPAC's fifth cluster. Tango currently has 111 compute nodes, each with two AMD Shanghai 2.5GHz quad core processors for a total of 888 CPUs. In addition to this Tango has a 4 node GPU partition.

Please note that this system has been retired and is no longer operational.


  • 111 Compute Nodes, 888 CPUs (or more correctly, cores)
  • Each node has 2 AMD Quad Core Opterons™ (2376 (2.3Ghz) or 2379 (2.46Ghz)), 32GB ram and 4 x 320GB disks (1.2TB scratch space)
  • Infiniband Interconnect (~2µs measured MPI latency) on 95 nodes.
  • CentOS 5 Linux


In addition to this Tango has a 4 node GPU partition

  • The 4 GPU nodes have 1 quadcore processor each with 4GB of RAM and a single 320GB hard drive. The differences are in the type and quantity of GPUs and are as follows:
    • nv1: GeForce GTX 280
    • nv2: GeForce GTX 280 + GeForce GTX 280 (2 gpus)
    • nv3: GeForce GTX 285
    • nv4: Tesla C1060


The GNU Compiler Collection (gcc, g++, gfortran) is provided standard as part of the CentOS 5 installation, but we also have include both the Portland Group and Intel compiler suites for better code optimisation.

Recommended Portland Group (PGI) Compiler Flags

The recommended compiler flags for the Portland Group compilers are:

-fastsse -tp k8-64,barcelona-64 -Mipa=fast

To link in the AMD Core Math Libraries add this to your link command:

-l acml

Public Key

The public RSA key fingerprint for tango is