VPAC Supercomputers - Trifid


Trifid is a large Intel system and is VPAC's sixth and largest cluster. Trifid has 180 compute nodes, with a total of 2,880 cores. It has a HPL (high performance Linpack) rating is 45.9 TFLOPS. Users of Tango should migrate usage to Trifid. Please see the Introduction to Trifid page for further information.

Trifid Image Specifications

  • 180 nodes
  • 2,880 cores of Intel E5-2670
  • 4 GB PC1600 memory per core (64 GB per node), with 6 nodes having 16 GB per core (256 GB per node)
  • 4 nodes will be GPU/MIC capable
  • FDR Infiniband.
  • CentOS 6 Linux
  • VPAC NFS for home
  • VPAC 165TB DDN S2A high performance array for work/scratch/projects (using Lustre).

The GNU Compiler Collection (gcc, g++, gfortran) is provided standard as part of the CentOS 6 installation, but we also have include both the Portland Group and Intel compiler suites for better code optimisation.

Public Key

The public RSA key fingerprint for trifid is