Case Studies

Advanced Product Development for Fiobuoy

VPAC worked with Fiomarine in a design engineering project to optimise the manufacturing and in-use performance of the Fiobuoy. The collaborative relationship assisted Fiomarine to undertake design and optimisation studies that improved the efficiency of Fiomarine’s manufacturing and assembly operations.

Fiomarine Industries Pty Ltd (Fiomarine) manufacture the Fiobuoy®, a submersible marine marker buoy and retrieval system which is designed to remain fully submerged until the operator wants to retrieve the object it is attached to. This allows the product to work in military and commercial applications and in waterways where surface buoys are unacceptable from an environmental or marine safety perspective.

Fiobuoys are security coded, computer programmable and deployable to depths of up to 200 metres. Once triggered, either by a pre-set time and date or via acoustic command, the Fiobuoy self-releases from its underwater mooring and floats to the surface to fulfil its marking and retrieval function. The current product has been developed with a focus on the military and scientific research markets and is not yet optimised for widespread commercial and recreational marine applications.

Further Information

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