virtuneer Virtuneer Workflow Studio

The Virtuneer Workflow Studio streamlines computational analysis and data processing activities with a simple graphical interface and a powerful distributed architecture.

A "virtuneer" is a practitioner of the growing discipline of virtual engineering. The Virtuneer Workflow Studio frees virtuneers from mundane tasks, allowing them to focus on the challenging technical and creative problems of virtuneering.


The Virtuneer Workflow Studio comprises four major applications:

  • Designer

    Design workflows graphically using drag and drop to define activities (components) and structure dependencies. Workflows can be saved and shared with colleagues. Simple workflows can be incorporated into more complex workflows. Workflows can then be executed with Virtuneer Server.

  • Monitor

    Monitor the live execution of workflows using the same graphical interface as the designer. The published Virtuneer Server protocol supports a range of monitor applications, such as for mobile devices.

  • Library

    Store all workflow components in a common location to push updates to all users transparently. Effortlessly manage a large library of components by simply adding components or entire workflows from a network address.

  • Server

    Execute workflows on any operating system. Perform large-scale data processing in an HPC environment with a workflow designed on your desktop. Integrate workstation and HPC activities. Use Monitors to track workflows on remote systems.


The Virtuneer Workflow Studio is designed for HPC environments, but its flexible architecture means it can be run in any IT environment, on any operating system.


Multi-Disciplinary Optimisation of a Vehicle Architecture for more information.


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