The Spatial Information (SI) industry is a high growth business sector. The increasing availability of large volumes of government and private sector spatial information, coupled with the ready availability of low cost SI workstations have led to a significant uptake of the technology by a wider range of users than the traditional specialist scientific user base.

Despite the advances in desktop computer systems, the size and complexity of SI datasets and algorithms frequently exceed the capacity of the typical SI workstation. VPAC has proven expertise in profiling and migrating spatial information processes to the Advanced Computing environment, and optimising process algorithms to best leverage Advanced Computing architecture.

In addition to Resource Intensive Applications Development, VPAC has leading expertise in the developing industry trend of web delivered Real-time Applications, which allow users to access live information streams and key processing capabilities regardless of their location.

VPAC maintains expertise in application development with both commercial software packages and Open Source Software to ensure that fit for purpose solutions are developed with the most cost effective software platform.


For further information regarding VPAC’s Advanced Computing solutions for the Spatial Information sector, please email or phone +61 3 9925 4645.

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