VPAC specializes in applying cloud and advanced computing solutions to establish spatial data infrastructure (SDI). This enables coherent collation and access to geospatial data for evidence based policy and decision making, coupled with community engagement.

Services to Suit Your Needs

VPAC can deliver reliable, innovative IT solutions to enable management and analysis of large spatial datasets for better decision making.

We can develop infrastructure that adhere to common GIS standards, such as OGC services, and popular file formats.

VPAC is also a primary partner in the development of the National Nest Grid (NNG) standard for AUS/NZ. The NNG supports interoperability for raster data sets between different organisations. This is supported by the Raster Storage Archive (RSA) built by VPAC.

We have expertise in modeling and simulation of spatial systems. This allows you to explore urban problems like traffic flow, air quality or water capacity. Modeling of environmental scenarios such as bushfire, flood or climate change allows for better decision support to assess environmental impacts.

Our modeling and simulation services are complimented by our High Performance Computing (HPC) facilities that are managed by experienced system administrators.

VPAC has extensive experience in 3D visualization and virtual modeling. This can be applied to spatial datasets to visualize 3D environments to support decision making and stakeholder engagement.

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