Health Initiatives

Today’s health care environment is a complex one; rarely is a patient treated by one health care organisation in isolation. Modern health care involves provision of care from a collection of in-patient, out-patient and community organisations, including nursing professionals, consulting physicians, clinicians, lab technicians, diagnostic technologists and administrative staff. As a consequence of this more “holistic” approach to health care, involving a number of individual and often disconnected health care organisations, the quality and accuracy of activities such as health administration and information management and sharing has become vital.

In order to support continuity and quality of care in this complex environment, it is imperative that accurate and timely patient and institutional information can be utilised within and across multiple health care providers.

VPAC combines its expertise in Advanced Computing and strong relationships with the health and research sector to deliver services that will maximise the benefits that health care providers and patients receive from electronic health records.


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