Introductory Linux and HPC Course

The introductory to HPC and Linux at VPAC course is designed to cater for a wide range of computer skill sets; we'll provide an introduction to VPAC itself, what hardware and software we have installed, how to use our helpdesk system, the Linux environment, secure file transfers, file editing and manipulation, environment modules, and the Portable Batch System (PBS).

After working through the basic operations, and job submission sections, an advanced sections users will be given the chance to work through tutorials where they can submit a simple jobs to the cluster using a molecular dynamics program, NAMD, the statistical package, R, and a finite element analysis, Ansys. Each of these will outline and emphasize the basic workflow procedure for submitting high performance computing jobs.

This course will run from 10am to 3pm at VPAC, 110 Victoria Street, Carlton on Monday, December 2. Registration is essential.

This course is open to VPAC users of member and associate institutions.

Please note that your institution pays VPAC for your registration in this full-fee course whether or not you attend on the day. The registration process includes VPAC vetting your application with your institution prior to your registration being accepted. Cancellations will be credited to your institution's account only if your place can be filled.

Book quickly! There are only twelve places available for this course.

Registrations for this course are now closed