2009 News

Altair Talk on High Performance Computing Hosted at VPAC

VPAC invites you to attend a presentation on High Performance Computing.

This presentation will host two speakers who will discuss the latest trends and challenges in High Performance Computing today.

Date: Wednesday 23 September 2009
Time: 1 pm til 3pm
Venue: Level 1 (ground floor) Training Room, VPAC, 110 Victoria Street, Carlton South (RMIT Building 91)

Please advise Andrew Underwood on aunderwood@vpac.org or 9925 4410 if you wish to attend so we can ensure adequate seating.

Talk- Latest trends in Simulation Computing
Nelson Dias
Executive Vice President, Asia-Pacific, Altair

This talk will discuss the latest trends in Simulation computing with the focus on Computer Aided Engineering domain.
- Industry trends
- Challenges in Multidomain solution for Non-Linear Simulation, Multi-physics simulation, Stress Analysis of mechanisms, ALE & SPH, Fatigue, Topology, Optimization Advanced failure modeling & composite models.

Talk- Upcoming challenges in HPC- Million Cores, GPUs & Clouds
Rajesh Chhabra
Director, Enterprise Computing, Asia-Pacific, Altair

In the race to deliver higher performance than ever, recent trends in HPC domain have shown that the large clusters with many-core chips will continue to rise. In fact the clusters in the range of several hundred thousands to a million cores are just around the corner.

Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) are rapidly establishing themselves as a complimentary technology rather than a competition to the multi-core chips. The CPU+GPU systems have been gaining popularity due to its favorable performance-per-dollar and performance-per-watt attributes.

Cloud computing has been one of the most talked subjects in the computing world for over a year now although the clouds are still trying to establish themselves as an extension to the in-house HPC. This talk will discuss the technical and business challenges associated with the latest trends in HPC.