2009 News

VPAC User, Dr. Amanda Barnard Featured on ABC Catalyst Thursday 9th July 8:00pm

High Performance Computing is used in nanoscience to investigate the relationship between the size, shape and structure of nanoscale materials (nanomorphology) and the thermal and chemical environment to which they are exposed.

A Leader in nanoscience, Dr. Amanda Barnard will be featured on ABC's Catalyst tonight (Thursday 9th July 2009) at 8:00pm AEST to discuss her research in nanoscience and nanotechnology. During this interview, which was filmed within VPAC's High Performance Computing facilities, Dr. Barnard noted in reference to nano images, that such modelling would not be possible if it were not for High Performance Computing facilities such as those at VPAC.

Dr. Barnard, leader of CSIRO’s Virtual Nanoscience Laboratory was a long time user of VPAC while completing her Ph.D in Physics at RMIT in 2003 and as a Future Generation Fellow at the University of Melbourne in 2008. Tonight's episode premises at 8:00pm AEST on ABC 1.