2009 News

VPAC Release GPU Computing Nodes

The Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing is proud to announce the release of three fully functional GPU Nodes on Tango.

These nodes will allow users at VPAC's member universities to trial GPU techniques first hand, with their own code written in the Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA). Each of the nodes will use an NVIDIA GTX 280 GPU which VPAC tested during it's recent 2008/09 Summer Internship program.

The use of these boxes may provide researchers with significant improvements in the speed of their computations.

Information on VPAC's GPU nodes can be found on the GPU Users page.

For further information on submitting jobs to VPACs GPU nodes visit the GPU user tutorials page. This tutorial will provide users with the step by step instructions on running an example solvated HIV protease simulation on a GPU node.

Researchers interested in using VPAC's GPU nodes must have a VPAC HPC account which they can use to log into the clusters. If you do not have a VPAC HPC account, simply follow the link to apply for an account.