2010 News

CSIRO Joins VPAC as an Associate Member

CSIRO has formally joined VPAC as an Associate Member. This complements CSIRO’s participation in other regional advanced computing partnerships, such as iVEC (Western Australia) and TPAC (Tasmania), as well as the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI).

The association provides CSIRO with access to the following VPAC services:

  • training courses and material
  • technical support, consultation and scoping
  • selective access to VPACs high performance computing facilities, for benchmarking, prototyping and software testing
  • strategic collaboration, including technology exchange, participation in planning meetings, workshops and proposals

The association also provides a framework for drawing on VPAC staff for specific projects, such as porting and production implementation of scientific software applications. The partnership with CSIRO will further strengthen engagements between VPAC and the wider national research community, in areas associated with computational science and eResearch.