2010 News

Theo de Raat To Speak At VPAC

Theo de Raadt, founder and leader of the OpenBSD operating system project, will introduce work done on network features during a 1-hour seminar conducted at the VPAC training room (Carlton, Level 1, 110 Victoria St) on Thursday January 14 at 11 am.

OpenBSD developers have been meeting at VPAC, conducting a 'hackathon', to develop and improve the openBSD's network capabilities.

OpenBSD is arguably the most secure operating system distribution today. In over twelve years only two remote vulnerabilities have been discovered.

The 'hackathons' are held at various locations around the world with core developers. Prior to VPAC hosting this event, a hardware hackathon was held in Portugal.

For further information contact Lev Lafayette at lev@vpac.org or 9925 4909.

See also: http://www.openbsd.org/.