2010 News

Cluster Outage on 29th of June 2010 at 08:00 AEST

VPAC will be having a planning outage on June 29. Systems affected include the following clusters; Tango, Wexstan, Edda.

VPAC will be re-distributing some of the home storage. Updating the user authentication system. Upgrade the operating system on Tango to CentOS 5.5. and conducting general systems upgrades. The outage will be in force for 9 hours.

The impact will result in no change in use, but there will be better access to home partition. Some applications may need to be recompiled (due to the OS upgrade).

Jobs submitted to the queues that would run longer than the start of the outage will be held in the queue until after the cluster resumes service.

For further information email help@vpac.org or telephone (03) 9925 4410.