Goodbye Tango

tango Goodbye Tango, Hello Trifid

VPAC’s cluster, “Tango”, was decommissioned on 12th April 2013 after more than 5 years of service to Victorian University researchers. The shutdown commenced at 4:30 with VPAC’s retiring Centre Manager, Phil Tannenbaum, entering the shutdown command. By 4:50 the power down sequence completed and Tango joined the list of superseded VPAC clusters including Windsor, Brecca, Wembly, Karros, Wextan, and Edda.

Tango had a maximum performance capability of approximately 5 TFLOPS (trillions of calculations per second) of performance. It featured 111 compute nodes with 888 AMD 2.5 GHz Shanghai cores and 3.5 TB of memory; it delivered 27 million CPU hours of high performance computing to more than 2 million jobs and served over 300 active user accounts.

Tango’s replacement, “Trifid”, is significantly more powerful with 45.9 TFLOPS of performance through 180 nodes of the latest Intel Sandy Bridge Enterprise E5-2670 processors, FDR Infiniband, and provides very high speed I/O through a 165 TB DDN high performance storage array with a lustre file system.

Trifid is available to researchers from all the VPAC Member Institutions, as well as to researchers from Australian academia, government, and industry. Researchers from VPAC Members can apply for projects online, and others can obtain account information by contacting the VPAC information line.