Virtual Paint Project won the Special Commendation award

Virtual Paint Project won the Special Commendation Award


Congratulations to AutoCRC, GM Holden and VPAC on the commendation for Virtual Paint Simulation (VPS) project at 16th SAE-Australasia Engineering Excellence Awards.

4th October, Thomas Dittmar , Aditya Mulemane of VPAC and Ian Christensen of AutoCRC received the "Special Commendation Award" on behalf of the project team for their project “Virtual Paint simulation (VPS)” . This is a great recognition for the project and all its team members at the highest level in the Australian automotive industry.

The VPS is a customized computational process developed to simulate important paint shop processes using rapid paint shop simulation tools based on innovative methods and approaches, such as Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics and Lumped Parameter Modelling. It allows optimisation of the painting process reducing material wastage and improving energy efficiency.

The unique features of VPS are the use of Free & Open source software, the rapid nature of the simulation tools, focus on eliminating HPC dependency and collaboration at a global level between different organisations and teams within them.

For more information please see VPAC Articles, contact VPAC at or phone +61 3 9925 4645.