OpenFOAM Modelling and Analysis of a Vespa Motorcycle

A Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis of the aerodynamics of a Vespa Motorcycle using a 3D model.
This was done for the Australian 250cc salt lake record attempt at 100mph+ (160km/pm+).

Geospatial Information System

A visualisation of how geospatial information is captured, processed and delivered to researchers.
VPAC's Raster Storage Archive application, part of the National Data Grid project, is shown in the latter half of the video.

Amprenavir In a HIV Protease Active Site

Life Science
High performance computing was used to investigate the effects of resistance mutations within a crucial enzyme of Human Immunodefi ciency Virus (HIV) towards a range of antiviral drugs. New methods of assessing drug binding using averaging molecular interactions over longer molecular dynamics simulations of the drug and enzyme in a solvated environment correlated well with clinical experience.

MACPF Simulation

Life Science
Molecular model of the pre-pore form of a MACPF protein based upon the structure of pneunolysin.

GPU Computing Introduction (Fermi, Tesla, CUDA)

Advanced Computing
Dr Mark Harris from NVIDA presenting an introduction to GPU computing using CUDA.