New Cluster At VPAC

VPAC, La Trobe, and RMIT Universities are pleased to announce the new HPC Cluster, Trifid, is available for use from 10:00 on Tuesday the 22nd of January, 2013.

Trifid is located at and operated by VPAC on behalf of La Trobe, RMIT, and other VPAC Member institutions.

Trifid is significantly more powerful than VPAC’s older Tango cluster on a per-processor basis, as a system, and in addition has a high performance Lustre file system that could significantly reduce time-to-solution through improved I/O performance. Established VPAC users can access Trifid in the same manner as Tango, as described on VPAC tutorials pages.

As VPAC is a multi-institutional HPC facility with its own governance mandates, authentication is not integrated into your institutional authentication system.

HPC users from La Trobe and RMIT Universities who do not have accounts at VPAC should apply from the VPAC web site; there will be a large number of new users migrating to VPAC over the coming days and approval processes may take longer than normal; new users will be consulted regarding data migration as they are brought onto Trifid.

Please report any problems, submit new applications software requirements, or ask questions through the VPAC Help Desk.

We trust Trifid will enable the Victorian research community to achieve outcomes more quickly and to a higher standard. Welcome to our new facility.