victorii VicTorii™ Project Collaboration Portal

VicTorii™ is a web-based project management tool for the purpose of planning, tracking and managing project milestones, schedules, resources and invoicing associated with research and development projects in Cooperative Research Centers (CRCs).

VicTorii™ has been designed and built by VPAC, using sophisticated Web 2.0 technologies providing a unique application feel in a web environment.


Researchers, Industry project sponsors and CRC Administrators can collaboratively evolve a project throughout its life, and 
automatically produce ‘signature-ready’ project agreements via this online system. This has delivered monumental productivity gains to customers as provides a standard project structure, reduces rework and errors, while eliminating the need to exchange documents and working offline.

Other benefits include the ability to instantly provide detailed financial reports, both in terms of actuals and forecasts, and assist with an organisation’s corporate planning, such as understanding their cash flow needs.

Aggregated reports can be generated to understand the resources committed to the various projects, and these reports can be viewed at the micro and macro levels; including project view, organisation view, theme view and a high level CRC wide view.


Key Capabilities of VicTorii™ include:

Project Planning
  • Creating or amending a project agreement
  • Extensive validation of dates, dollars and other business rules
  • Auto-generate final project agreement in PDF
Project Tracking
  • Milestone tracking/close-off/approval
  • Triggering invoices
  • Project reports
Document Management
  • Upload project reports
  • Disseminate template documents
  • Full version control and revision history
Reporting & Analysis
  • Project, party, theme & global portfolio level
  • Flexible project forecasting techniques
  • Board reporting
  • Australian Government’s Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST) reporting

The various VicTorii™ modules can be configured for specific business processes in your organisational context. New CRCs with no pre-defined business processes can greatly benefit from the best practice processes that have been implemented in VicTorii™ with consultation with our existing customers who include:

  • Automotive Cooperative Research Center (AutoCRC)
  • eWater Cooperative Research Center (eWaterCRC)
  • Bushfire Coperative Research Centre (BushfireCRC)
  • CRC for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC)
  • Lowitja Institute (CRC for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health)
  • RMIT Univeristy

No prior installation is required for the use of the software as VicTorii™ can be accessed by most modern Web Browsers. The web, database and document servers is provided as a service and hosted at VPAC’s data centers.


For further information, contact or visit for an online demo.