VPAC provides complete solutions to meet your business needs. This includes consulting and support services, High Performance and Cloud Computing and Large Scale Storage and Visualisation that can assist you to gain a productivity advantage.
Our vision is to develop Virtual Product Development strategies that lead to “zero physical prototypes” and greater environmental sustainability by using advanced computing solutions.
VPAC combines its expertise in Advanced computing and strong relationships with the health and research sector to deliver services that will maximise the benefits that health care providers and patients receive from electronic health records.
VPAC specializes in applying cloud and advanced computing solutions to establish spatial data infrastructure (SDI). This enables coherent collation and access to geospatial data for evidence based policy and decision making, coupled with community engagement.
Advanced Computing has revolutionalised the Life Sciences by providing tools and techniques necessary for collecting, analysing and visualising large amounts of data. Our expert provide superior scientific consultancy, analysis and support through a range of tailored solutions.
VPAC provides quality Project Management and Risk Management services as an integral part of the collaborative relationships we form with our clients and partners. We are focusing on delivering high value Advanced Computing services that meet your business needs.