Staff Photograph
NamePhil Tannenbaum
TitleExecutive Consultant

Phil has more than 35 years experience in supercomputing and related high technologies, from technical development and marketing through senior management. He previously held management positions with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, Cray, and NEC, and his earlier career included technical positions with Control Data Corporation, NASA contractors, and Texaco Geophysical, all focused on high performance systems. During his career he sat on teams that defined and developed next-generation supercomputers, high performance peripherals, and input-output subsystems; developed and supported large scale scientific and SCADA operating systems at vendors and major data centres; and led mission critical operational units, including specification and procurement of major supercomputer installations. He holds a M.Sc. (Computer Science) from the University of Houston (Clear Lake City) and a B.Sc. (Education) from Old Dominion University, both in the United States.