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An Introduction to High Performance Computing Using Linux

VPAC's Super Computers have significant differences from the desktop computer most researchers are familiar with. This course is designed to get new Users going as quickly as possible, by concentrating on basic skills and highlighting the areas of Advanced Computing that often confuse those new to this sort of technology.

This course is 'hands on'; most of the material presented is supported by exercises that the students are strongly encouraged to complete. Results are discussed with the presenter and other students.

This course is suitable for people who:

  • Have limited experience with Linux;
  • Have little or no experience on parallel computers;
  • Intend to attend one of the more advanced courses or will be using precompiled applications only.

Guest accounts will be provided for attendees that do not have an account on a VPAC Super Computer, however, if you plan to get an account in the near future, please consider applying before the course and you will be able to use your own. Please mark on your account application forms that you will be attending this course and we will try and get your account created before hand.

Topics Covered

  1. Introduction to VPACs High Performance Computers (HPC)
    • Overview
    • Programs
    • Facilities
    • Obtaining Accounts
  2. Introduction to Linux HPC
    • Tools for connecting to the SC
    • Connecting via SSH or X
    • Transferring files (scp)
    • Finding your way around the machine, cluster file systems, moving between nodes
    • Editors
    • Compiling serial and parallel programs
    • Choosing the best way to run your programs
    • Obtaining statistics about your jobs
    • Getting assistance, logging questions, FAQ.

This course is available to staff and students at VPAC Member Universities, however, booking in advance is essential. Please book your place by selecting a session from the list to the right of this page or for extra information, contac or phone +61 3 9925 4410.

The latest version of our training manual is available as a PDF file.

This course will be held at 110 Victoria Street, Carlton (Ground Floor, Building 91, RMIT)