Tutorials - X11 Windows Forwarding

X11 Windows Forwarding

For a number of applications on VPAC's supercomputers a user may require or desire the ability to forward a graphical screen from the application back to their home computer. The following is a brief tutorial on how to do this with different operating systems.

Linux and MacOS
With Linux and MacOS this is very easy. Simply login from the command line as usual with:

% ssh -X username@tango.vpac.org


First you'll need a X11 Server and (probably) fonts. Install XMing and the fonts package in succession. Make sure that they're installed in in the same directory; it should do this by default.

As with non-graphical sessions, to log into a VPAC supercomputer using MS-Windows you will need PuTTY. After executing PuTTY put in your normal settings for connecting to the supercomputer. In the section for host name, enter "username@tango.vpac.org".

On the left menu, locate the X11 panel and select "Enable X11 Forwarding". It is probably a good idea to save this session, either as your default or as a variant. Locate the main session panel and enter a sensible name (e.g., XWindowsTango) in the text box and save.