HPC Users

Acceptable Use of VPAC ICT Resources

1. Introduction

External users, visitors, and short term contractors (contracts not exceeding 4 weeks) must agree to follow this Acceptable Use policy. Any user or visitor violating this policy may have their account(s) terminated and be prohibited from further access. Any contractor violating this policy may be subject to termination of contract for cause.

2. General Conditions

2.1 Unless there are overriding written agreements to the contrary, data created on VPAC equipment:

  • by VPAC employees is and remains VPAC property, excepting any data specifically related to supporting an external user or visitor;
  • by Member users and their collaborators is and remains the property of the sponsoring Member institution; and
  • by commercial users is and remains property of the entity that requested the account.

2.2 It is explicitly prohibited to grant or allow any other person (e.g. project members, collaborators, family, other household members, etc.) to access an assigned VPAC account;

2.3 All users are required to:

  • keep their contact and affiliation details current in their user profiles;
  • use VPAC resources only for approved purposes for approved projects;
  • abide by terms of licenses governing applications used on VPAC systems;
  • connect to VPAC facilities through SSH or other approved methods (contact help for advice);
  • use strong passwords (8 or more characters and include at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, one number, and one special character) on VPAC accounts.
  • Passwords must be changed if another person is suspected of knowing the password;
  • use appropriate anti-virus and anti-malware utilities on computers and virtual machines used to access VPAC resources;
  • accept that VPAC resources may not always be available for use in the manner or time
  • expected and agree to hold VPAC blameless in any situation where they are adversely affected by any aspect of VPAC resources or services; and
  • accept that highly important data should be routinely copied to trusted storage external to VPAC, to augment VPAC periodic backups.
  • All academic accounts must use your institutional email address (ie @youruniversity.edu.au). Generic email accounts (ie @gmail, hotmail, etc) or personal email accounts (ie @bigpond, iinet, etc) are not acceptable.

2.4 The following activities are explicitly prohibited:

  • personal use of VPAC resources, including but not limited to storing personal data, playing or downloading content or games, or accessing streaming content;
  • attacking, circumventing or attempting to circumvent, security or operating integrity of any account, computer, or network regardless of its location or ownership; and
  • engaging in any illegal activity, including but not limited to legislation regarding Discrimination, Harassment, Vilification, Bullying and Defamation, and movement or retention of Illicit material.

2.5 VPAC may, at its sole discretion and without consultation, monitor and audit systems and accounts to assure compliance with Acceptable Use policies, and/or to generate utilization or related reports.

2.6 If there is any doubt about acceptable use or this policy, contact the HPC Centre Manager for advice.

Doc: V510-0002/1 Issued: 31.01.2011 Reviewed: 31.01.2011 By: Philip Tannenbaum