5 Reasons to work with us


Our commitment to delivering the highest quality service is reflected in the professionals whom we employ and the broad experience we have as a company.


Maximize your ROI of innovative technologies by leveraging our extensive expertise and services. We are a registered Research Service Provider and your company may be eligible for tax credits up to 175% as well as other government assistance programs.


Utilize our advanced computing services and specialize infrastructure, to reduce project delivery times and boost staff performance while maximizing your research and development outcomes.


Our services will enable your company to improve the quality of products and services you offer. VPAC holds and follows the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 in all areas of operation, ensuring the services we deliver are internationally competitive to benefit your business.


We are an Australian owned and operated Research Service Provider, with over a decade of experience and dedication to providing Advanced Computing R&D solutions to the Asia Pacific region.