HPC Consultancy Services


An increasing number of R&D organisations are seeking HPC solutions to overcome internal compute capacity limitations, reduce turnaround time per analysis job and enable advanced decision support, automation and integration and more efficient data management, to improve their research and development processes and outcomes.

HPC Consultancy Services

VPAC has extensive experience in designing, purchasing and managing High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions for operations ranging from a small to large scale and offers assistance to clients who wish to integrate HPC into their current operations. VPAC conducts a full requirements analysis to determine areas that may benefit from HPC and to improve current in-house processes around the management and use of compute servers.

VPAC offers the following HPC solutions:

  • Requirements Analysis
    HPC Systems Audit
  • Procurement
    Hardware tender/ proposal process
  • Delivery and setup
    Cluster installation, setup, configuration, patching, securing, Queue Management, Application Installation and configuration, Performance tuning, Integration with enterprise LAN & License servers, Acceptance testing
  • Training and support
    Usage training and Request tracking
  • Data management
    Storage and backup, Disaster recovery
  • Monitoring and reporting
    Real time compute usage information, Usage Tracking
  • Decommissioning
    Hardware lease renewal/termination, Decommissioning, Succession planning, Project closure.
For further information on VPAC's HPC Consultancy services, please contact hpcconsult@vpac.org or call 03 9647 5435.