Capabilities - Software Development

Software Development

VPAC is the perfect partner for your scientific or technically-focused software project. VPAC has broad software development experience across a wide range of industries, research areas, and technologies. VPAC’s unique structure means that technically minded software developers and subject matter experts are brought together with software best practices and the latest domain knowledge to deliver successful customised solutions to real-world problems. VPAC’s accomplished and talented software developers and domain experts, including proficient mathematicians, scientists, engineers and designers, can design software and project management processes tailored to your needs, no matter how demanding.

Industries and Research Areas

VPAC has expertise in areas spanning engineering in the aerospace and automotive industries, high performance computing in mining and exploration, information systems for the clinical health sector, and expertise in life and geospatial sciences. This diverse portfolio enables VPAC to address the needs of clients in new or unique areas of research.

Software Development Philosophy

VPAC builds software to world’s best practice standards to ensure a long operational life. VPAC values open standards, maintainability, extensibility, agile development with continual client feedback and thorough testing. For maximum utility, software is supported by comprehensive documentation, sample data, tutorials and training.

Intellectual Property and Certification

VPAC has robust procedures for managing and protecting clients' intellectual property, backed by its ISO 9001 quality certification. VPAC is QMS ISO 9001:2008 certified (# A/95445) ensuring our quality management system meets international standards of excellence.


Grid Computing, Visualisation, Simulation, Optimisation, Process Automation, Knowledge Management, Informatics, Data Warehousing, Data Federation, Geospatial Analysis, CAD, CAE, CAM, PLM, and more.

Delivery Platforms

Enterprise solutions, highly-parallel platforms, standalone applications, web applications, database applications, plug-in frameworks, integrated scripting. Windows™, Linux®, UNIX®, MacOS™.

Software Technologies

Java, J2EE, C/C++, C#, .NET, Mono, MPI, PETSc, SQL, SAP, XML, ASP, AJAX, Python, PHP, Ruby, Perl, SVG, VRML/X3D, OpenGL, DirectX, VTK, and more.

Technology Integration

MSC Products, UGS Products, Altair Products, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, , Fluent™, Blender, OpenFOAM, LS-Dyna™, Matlab™, Excel™, CATIA™, Rhino™, HL7, OGC Web Services, Google™ Earth/Maps, and more.

Research Service Provider

VPAC is a Research Service Provider (# 40150). VPAC clients may be eligible for the full 150% tax deduction for relevant R&D expenditure.


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